WHAT A DAY…. { book winner}

Today our trip to the allergist turned everyone’s smile upside down around here. AK my oldest was fighting it all the way there. If any of you have ever had this done, you know how miserable it is. Bless her sweet heart is allergic to everything under the sun and her arms were on fire. She cried her sweet baby eyes out trying to keep from scratching herself to blood. After it was all over he had to do three really big under the skin needles to test three areas that needed a further look. These turned out to be three major allergies, two of which we knew about and one that we didn’t know about… DOG. On the bright side, we are starting allergy shots on Wedensday and he is pretty confident that she will be able to come off of all of her allergy medications when she is through. These shots are much safer than being on steroids and other meds. If these shots help us with sinus, severe excema and asthma, it will be totally worth it. The tears were shed by my 5 year old who will have to say goodbye to our family pet for a few months while these shots begin to take affect. Fortunatley my sister has agreed to try and keep him. They love each other so it should be a good fit and it’s temporary.


This did me in for the day. It’s 6:30 on a friday night and I am already in my PJ’s!

Congratulations to Fixitfairie (Paula) and Linda Hazelwood for winning Miss Mustard Seed’s new book! I’ll get with you for your address!!


  1. Seeing this post and don’t know the history, but have you ever eliminated gluten? I have a child who had eczema and asthma and a lot of other issues and has overcome all of it by taken gluten out of his diet. Again, don’t know the back story, but on the chance that it could be of any help, just had to comment. Enjoy your blog so much!!

  2. Allergies are no fun…no fun at all! I hope this all turns out beautifully for her. And boy I would miss that puppy…so sweet.

  3. I also am allergic to tons of stuff…My heart goes out to you all! How I got around the dog, cat, birds, sheep, etc allergies was I now have Standard Poodles…Yorkies work too. I’m sad for your little one to have to give up her beloved little dog for awhile..I know how that feels. The food allergies are a little easier…I just have to be careful not to get preprepared food. That I can live with. I did do the allergies shots for awhile, but I got tired of only feeling well a couple of days each week, & than back again for the weekly shots. Bless you all, speedy recovery from the allergies.

  4. bummer about the allergies. my 9 yr. old son has crazy food & dust allergies and i understand what your family is going through. i highly recommend a natural homeopathic approach to strengthening her immune system instead of man-made, chemical based medicines, steroids etc.
    2 years after working with a naturopathic doctor my son is doing great and able to tolerate some of his worst allergens naturally!

  5. Been there, done that, I’ve had both myself and my girls in for skin tests and I almost died a few years back from a very severe reaction to an allergy shot (I’ve since switched doctors)… but at almost 48 years old, it has definitely changed my life for the better going through them. What’s the number on the dog allergy? I have great confidence right now for the allergist I’m going to, but I find it varies sometimes on what they say the number is and how it actually affects me (or my daughters…). They say we’re allergic to dog, but I can play with a dog all day long, literally putting my face on their fur and it’s never bothered me. Just sayin…

  6. Lou Ann Bremers says:

    I’m so sorry you are going through this. You little doggie is about the same size as my chihuahua. I went through this as a child but dogs ended up not being my problem but we found that out only after my parents gave my dog away before we had the real answers which was penicillin! I am so glad you have a place where the dog can live temporarily and he can still see the other family members that are allergic from time to time. The look on the face looks as if the news has been broken that there’s a temporary exodus coming.

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