The Longest Yard Sale { part three}

Most of my time shopping of The Longest Yard sale was spent on Signal Mountain right outside of Chattanooga. I could not travel very far from there because we were going to spend the day on Saturday at the Aquarium. However, I was not disappointed. I found some great stuff as well as a new wholesaler who has pickers all over the world. He buys just about everything that I love. His booth was my favorite, so much so that I went twice.


When I first got to this booth, I bought an old wooden toolbox. I got it for 25 dollars. It’s not a yard sale price, but they are hard to find and they sell for much more in high end antique stores. I’m keeping this one.

Old wooden tool box

The next thing that I wanted were these antique dough bowls that had been imported from Hungary. If you know anything about these, you know they are VERY expensive. These were only 89.00 so someone got a great deal.Where was my UHAUL? I couldn’t strap the kids to the top of the car so I had to leave them behind. I almost cried.


DSC 4120


Right before I left, I ran across the antique seltzer bottles and fell in love.


Antique Seltzer Bottles

(these are not the acutal ones I bought but some that I saw in an antique store in Chattanooga. They were 3 times the price of the ones I went back to get)

If you followed me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you know my antique seltzer bottle saga. I saw them, left them and regretted it for the rest of the trip.

The bottles were the last thing that I saw. My oldest had to go to the bathroom and it started to rain so I just said, “forget it”. I should have bought them all. I knew they were priced well and I lamented over them all day on Saturday. How sick is it that I even thought about those bottles while I was trying to enjoy the Imax movie and the aquarium!? I couldn’t get my mind off of them. My sweet husband, took me back at almost five o’clock on Saturday and can you believe they still had seven left? I was THRILLED. I was at the point where I didn’t care if I had to ride all the way home with them in my lap, I was going to figure out how to take them with me. Les got them snuggled around our clothing in the trunk so they wouldn’t break.

Here are a few more pictures from this booth.

DSC 4118

DSC 4192

DSC 4110

DSC 4112

DSC 4115


This small little portion of this sale took us all day to get through. It was amazing, almost to the point of a little overwhelming. I can’t wait for next year! One thing that I learned about myself as a blogger is that I did not take enough pictures of the atmosphere. I saw so many amazing things, met some really unique people, parked in a line of a gajillion cars and took not the first picture of any of those things. ¬†Next time, and there will be a next time, I will do a better job in the journalism department, I promise.


  1. W-O-W! So amazing! Looks like you found some great stuff!

  2. What a fun trip…glad you got those bottles and those dough boards are awesome. Wow! I can see why you got overwhelmed!!

  3. And where was this quys booth becasue I’ll be there next year. I lovvvvveee the milk tins and the baskets. Love your blog.

  4. Kelli- those dough bowls are too much (i don’t mean too much money). How could you leave without them!!??
    How about we meet up next year? We could both fly to the end nearest me, and drive to the end nearest you. . . meet up in Michigan and drive to Alabama!! We can be like Thelma and Louise – without all of the violence and the driving off the cliff at the end. We’ll rent a BIG car. . .

  5. Kelli, I am SO going to do this next summer! It’s been on my bucket list for a while now and I’m going to make it happen next year. How cool that you got to hook up with other bloggers during this venture. I can’t wait till next year!!! Thanx for sharing ~ Shelly

  6. How do I go about finding a picker where I live? What type of arrangement do you have with the picker? What if I ever wanted to be a picker… do you charge the person you are picking for…………..what if you go to all the trouble and then they change their mind??????/ Just curious…………… Barbara from Tennessee

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