Taxidermy , a Privet Bush and Restored It Wednesday Surprise

Look away all of you hunter haters, I pulled out one of my dad’s deer heads  this week for fall and Christmas decor.  Don’t worry, it’s not just for sport, we actually like the meat. If he gets a deer we ALWAYS have it processed and eat it, all of it. I love venison chili!
Today I put together a wreath for his neck out of some privet I had just trimmed off of my privet bush. It may only last a few days but It was good practice for making my own holiday wreaths.

Deer head

I think I might be one of those crazy early christmas decorators around here. I’m ready for a little holiday cheer!

Alright, so you know how I told you Restored It Wednesday was going to get a little face lift? Well, it all starts tomorrow and I wanted to prepare you for it. I have decided to only do a party once a month, give it a theme and hopefully give you a little more bang for your buck. Tomorrows party will be all about furniture and for an extra little surprise, Appliances Online will be sponsoring it. They will be offering a 50.00 Amazon Gift Card to to one of you lucky peeps. I will give you all the details tomorrow. See you then!



  1. I think it’s stunning. Of course, I live in Oregon and there is a lot of hunting done here, so I have gotten used to it. It’s a beauty. The vignette is gorgeously done.

  2. I must say, usually I am disgusted by deer heads but that is beautiful! I will just pretend it is fake. Great Job.

  3. I will have to share this is with neighbor. She has a deer head in her den and I think something like this would look good. I think it’s lovely.

  4. love it!!!!! gorgeous display!!!

  5. This is to die for (no pun intended…ha ha ha)! I just love it. So creative!

  6. Seriously never thought I would see a deer head look so classy and sophisticated. Beautiful!

  7. courtney cotton says:

    how did you attach the greenery to it?

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