Happy, Happy Monday everyone! I am anxiously awaiting my issue of B-Metro Magazine today. I just saw the article for the feature of my friend Rachel’s home. I had the privilege of helping Rachel and my friend Paula Coldiron style her home for Christmas for the shoot. They were able to use a lot of my ironstone, feathers, sheet music wreaths, antlers, ornaments and many other accessories. The article is here but there are not pictures! AHH!! I can’t wait to see what is inside the cover.

I have been waiting to show you my tree in my family room because the top of my tree is virtually the same as the one we did for the magazine and I couldn’t give away the goods before it came out. If it doesn’t come tomorrow, I’m just going to go out and buy a copy. The suspense is killing me.

Although, I don’t have all the shots of my tree, here is one that I took for a fan favorite giveaway that I entered at Barnett Furniture and I NEED your help. I am trying to win the giveaway by having the most votes for my room. Could you please, pretty, pretty please, go to this link and “like” my room? I am very, very, very behind……by like 300 votes. I would be forever grateful!

Click HERE, or on the picture below, to vote for my room. Thank you a bazillion times thank you!!

Picture for contest

Thank you my sweet blog family! I Love you guys!



  1. I hit liked…so my vote is in

  2. I voted!!! Good luck sweet Kelli!!! Your room is beautiful!! BTW – please share some pics of the magazine when you finally get a copy!!! Hugs ~ Jennifer

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