We got home late last night from dinner with friends. I rounded the corner to the porch and found many happy boxes smiling at me. You would have thought I had just won the lottery. I was so excited to finally get it in my hands!

Mms paint 1

It will take me a few days to process the paint into inventory, get everything priced and get the samples bagged up but I should have it in the store next week.
Look how cute the packaging is! I love the little boxes, however, these will be kind of a “limited addition” thing. Because of productivity concerns they are going to switch the packaging to bags. Although, I am most certain, they will be just as cute.

Mms paint 2

Hemp seed oil

We had a last minute beach trip with some friends come up yesterday that we just couldn’t pass up. My mind needs a break from all that is going on and I want my kids to have the opportunity to put their feet in the sand before it gets cold. I will let you know as soon as the paint hits the shelves! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

PS- Please continue to keep Summer in your prayers. She took a turn for the worst yesterday and is back on a ventilator with a new bacteria in her blood. Thank you for continuing to storm the gates of heaven with your prayers for her healing.

Much Love,

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