Well, I told you my 2013 felt different. I feel stirred. I feel the Holy Spirit leading me in a somewhat altered direction. I moved out of Homewood Antiques over the weekend and back to Vintage Interiors with my mom. I am only going to be selling Miss Mustard Seed’s paint and maybe a “feature” piece here and there in my mom’s booth. We may start doing some classes there too. I’m excited about that! The staff at Vintage Interiors are like family to me and it felt good to be back there. It will be nice to not have the stress of trying to keep a space full and be able to concentrate more on my family, our health, and getting some projects done around here. One of those projects will be my dining room. It is now totally empty BECAUSE we have also decided to home school our kids in the fall and I am using it for a school room. See? Crazy right? I am telling you, I know the home school thing is God because I have always been “the one” who said I would NEVER home school my kids. He has a sense of humor, that is for sure,  because here I am, eating my words and I am SO excited about it.

Mms 3

Mms 2

Mms 4

I am also working hard to build and online market here on the blog. I have finally found a plug-in that works for me. I have tried this numerous times and it just hasn’t worked or felt right, now it makes sense.

As I build my online store, I will meet you here for Market Monday with a new item or items that I have added to the market page. I thought it would be a fun way to introduce new things.

My first items to add are 4 antique seltzer bottles I found in Tennessee. You can read all about that fun and eventful trip here. To see these in the market click here. 

selzter bottles

I hope you all have had a great weekend and a good start to a new week!



  1. Becky Nelsen says:

    I am a post-homeschool mom. Once you settle in, you will LOVE homeschooling. It was one of God’s greatest blessings to be able to stay home with my children and teach them. Both of my sons have gone on to be professionals–graduating college early. One is an engineer working on his master’s and the other is in IT/computers. Those years where so precious. You will do fine and never look back! Enjoy the journey!

  2. I too am a post-homeschool mom. And yes, I also said I would NEVER homeschool my kids. What a sweet time it was. He is in college now, and thanked me for the five years of home education:) And yes, they do grow up and thank you, trust me on this. You don’t have to be a professional with a teaching degree to home educate. Really, who knows your kiddos better than you? You have been teaching them all their lives, so go for it. You will be a rockstar! Oh, and when the doubt creeps in…and it will… Pray, pray and pray some more!

  3. Congratulations on the move and on your decision to home school – my little one is still so small (only 2 years old) – but like you I had always said I would never home-school and now I have to tell you, I’m seriously contemplating it!! Never say never, I guess!! Hope all is well! Hugs, Jennifer

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