In Front of the Camera { Earthborn Giveaway Winner}

I am absolutely comfortable BEHIND the camera. I love photography and taking video, editing photos, graphics, ALL of that. But put me in front of a camera and my issues with insecurity come out of the closet! My pictures for the blog needed to be updated and I was not looking forward to having them done again. As I forced myself to make the call, I knew that I wanted my sweet friend Elizabeth Ann to be the photographer.



This girl is the most amazing teenager I have ever met. Her love for the Lord and the people around her radiates from her sweet spirit. EA is not your average teenager. She is becoming a world renown international wedding and portrait photographer, has an amazing little business going on AND she is only 17!! Read this little excerpt about her from her website.

“As a full time student located in Birmingham, Alabama, an international wedding and portrait photographer, and with a heart for Haiti that is second to none, God has shown me that there’s no room for settling. I was not created to sit back and be silent, I was created for greatness. I believe that as children of God, this is what we are called to. My entire life I’ve lived with the belief that I “can’t”. Can’t be good enough. Can’t match up. Can’t reach my dreams. Can’t be all that God has called me to be. For once, I’m choosing to believe that I can. I’m choosing to believe that I was made for more. I’m choosing to believe that I was made for greatness and that I am selling myself and this world short by settling for anything less. I believe that God is calling His children around the globe to see ourselves the way He sees us and rise up in our callings; it’s an honor to be a part of this movement.”

WOW right? God has certainly used this young lady to bless so many lives, including mine. EA took me to Homewood for a little photoshoot and helped me put all of my insecurities aside. She made me feel comfortable and she was quick. The agony was over in a snap. She has a fantastic eye for light, depth and creativity in her photographs and I think she did an amazing job on my pictures.

IMG 7182

IMG 7221

IMG 7163

IMG 7235

IMG 7073

Kelli Wright


Thank you Elizabeth Ann for making this experience as painless as possible.
EAK photography is located in Birmingham, Alabama.


The Winner of the Earthborn Pottery Plate is Renee who said

“Everything is so beautiful and it looked like a lot of fun. Thanks for the awesome giveaway”

Congrats Renee! Send me your address.


  1. gorgeous!

  2. seriously gorgeous!
    i love them all!

  3. susan allen says:

    kelli she is a great photographer BUT she also had to have something to work with and i can tell you ur sweet spirit shines thru everyone hard to pic the best they truly r all beautiful and while i’m here just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial on faux zinc it was brilliant!!!!!!

  4. You look so pretty! your light shines for Him too!

  5. What great pictures, they are so lovely, as are you!

  6. you are gorgeous! i love the one with you looking over your shoulder!

  7. I adore the 3rd photo down (although they are all so beautiful!) because it made me smile just looking at it.

  8. Simply beautiful! Remember you’re fearfully and wonderfully made in His image and it genuinely shows! Make friends with what you see in the mirror… appreciate it, even! It’s all His workmanship and that’s absolutely awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Yes..number 3 with you looking down and smiling so beautiful and the light behind you was just right. Then the second to the last photo you have such a pretty glow…..-Monica

  10. Denise Dolan says:

    Wow! If I could have written my feelings down at this moment, they would have sound exactly like yours! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the amazing things God will do in both our lives!

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