Good evening my sweet friends from the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World.



Abbie is celebrating her birthday here and we are getting our Christmas on at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. For some reason, I thought I would be able to blog here at night. Umm….. Not a chance. We have been pulling some midnights and even a 2a.m. er’ with a five year old. We have totally been spoiled here by our sweet friends who are Disney Vacation Club peeps. They have shown  us the ropes and made this the best experience at Disney my kids have ever had. They even had Mickey and Minnie call our room to tell Abbie Happy Birthday. She could not BELIEVE they were calling her. Her reaction was priceless. Her very words….”And that’s why this is the most awesome-est place EVER!” I wish I had that on video.

The lodge is absolutely beautiful. Disney does it right! It is all decked out for Christmas and each morning we have woken up to animals right off of our back deck. AMAZING. Spoiled, I am telling you!



Hoping your week has been great and your Christmas shopping is almost done…. mine isn’t~ But that’s okay. I may do some in Downtown Disney. We are headed there now.


  1. So glad you’re having the best time! Come home soon! Miss you!

  2. Lisa Broussard Januska says:

    Isn’t it the most magical place ever! Especially during Christmas…the Disney Christmas parade, and the castle at night OMGeeee gorgeous!! We went for my birthday 12/12/10….it was 36* the entire 4 days we were there, but it didn’t matter cuz it was all so beautiful! Enjoy your time there! Happy Birthday to Abbie!!!

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