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Oh Boy what a weekend!! Friday morning, mom and I left for Pulaski, Tennessee for Bella Rustica’s 2nd annual barn sale. Although the air was thicker than an Alabama summer and I wore clothes like it was actually fall, the show was amazing and I could not get enough of the displays and creativity of the vendors. I tried really hard to be able to instagram for you all while I was there, but my cell phone provider apparently didn’t have a tower out there. I took so many pictures for you. I will spread them out over a few days just to keep us all from getting overwhelmed.

The Barn was beautiful. One picture I regret not getting is the entire outside of the building. The rock was stunning.

Bella Rustica 1

Bella Rustica 2

The Bella Rustica/Agape team did an outstanding job styling the barn for a perfect, vintage atmosphere.

Bella Rustica 10

Our first booth stop was Old School Vintage. I loved just about everything they had displayed. From the old door entrance to the chalkboards and vintage camper, these gals new how to pick! They had a wonderful selection of vintage finds, handmade crafts, lampshades and flour sack towels.

Bella Rustica 9

Bella Rustica 4

Bella Rustica 5

Bella Rustica 6

Bella Rustica 7

Bella Rustica 8

Impressive, right? And this was just booth number 1!
I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Stay tuned.


  1. Love your photos! This was my favorite booth, too! I ended up buying the roll down chalkboard from them. It was a great show.

  2. Suzanne Hurst says:

    My kinda place!

  3. Oh! I am definitely going next year!

  4. Thank you for the pictures! I didn’t make it this year….but I plan on going next year!

  5. Thanks for the sweet words~ this was my booth and I found you through another blogger!

  6. I didn’t see you! How is that possible?!? LOVE your photos, girl! Can’t wait to see more!

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