Yay! We got snow!! We don’t see much of this around here, so needless to say, my kids were ecstatic to come home from school and play in it.
By the time we got home, my azaleas were covered, and there were several inches of  good packing snow on the ground that is super fun to play in.

Snow covered azalea

Snow day 1 13

Three inches was just enough to squeeze out a snowman before dark. I’m so thankful that I finally have a healthy house and that they both could enjoy it!

Snow day

And to top off this fun today……the school called. NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! Yay! My kids are doing the happy dance.

Stay Warm,



  1. It missed us in NC! Y’all stay warm & have a blast in the snow!

  2. Nothing like new snow! Glad the kids got to experience it!
    Love the shot of them and their snowman

  3. Wow! We were suppose to get “heavy snow” here in NC. It didn’t happen and my daughter was in tears when she woke up. Enjoy!!

  4. Nothin’ better than seeing your school scroll across the bottom of the screen! I’m glad somebody’s getting snow, we’ve only had a few flakes all winter here in Michigan ~ ha!

  5. We had snow here yesterday as well, which is really rare on the seaside in Brittany. I’m a teacher and I didn’t go to school either!!! Hope your children will enjoy their day off!

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