I’m still working on being an eloquent deliverer. There are a lot of Um’s in this video, but hey….. At least you will know how to make some darn cute bows. Enjoy!


  1. Great video. Easy instructions that I think even I can follow (and I have ten thumbs). Now, if I can get to the fabric store before they sell out of burlap!

  2. How long was your piece of burlap?

    Good tutorial!

  3. Great tutorial, Kelli! I can’t wait to try & make these! Thanks for sharing!

  4. jeanabrams says:

    Great tutorial. I’ll be using these for my daughter’s wedding!

  5. Thank you! I never thought to buy the whole bolt of fabric!

  6. Thank you!!!!!!

  7. Great tutorial! I can’t wait to make some!

  8. Becky Hight says:

    Great job Kelli!

  9. Thanks for sharing Kelli!

  10. Loved the video Kelli, How much do you sell your bows for?

  11. Thank you soooo much for this tutorial! Love it! You are so nice for showing us how to make one of our own!!! Thanks again!

  12. Loved the tutorial! thank you for sharing this information with your readers. Can wait to get busy making bows. 🙂

  13. Lea Harris says:

    Walmart carries the burlap an they are about a $1 cheaper per yd then all other stores Ive been to.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Great! How long is your strip of burlap?

  15. I want to make these for my wedding but I was wondering what you use to tie the bows around the chair? Thanks for sharing!

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