Y’all know I love a good thrift store score.

I found a box thingy… I know thingy isn’t a real word, I just really don’t know what kind of box it is. I do know it has a really cool patina, and 4 awesome little dividers. I got it for a buck! At the same time, I bought four juice glasses for a quarter and they fit just perfectly. Not a bad little multipurpose caddy for 2 bucks. Isn’t it so much fun to think outside the box?

Thrift store score 3

Thrift store score

DSC 5289


So tell me, what was your latest thrift store score? I wanna know!



  1. That will be so useful! I’ve scored some great things recently and I really should post about them….you’ve spurred me on! My best find was a large, old yellow ware bowl with no chips or cracks for $5 at my Goodwill! I also found a pair of real antlers for less than $10…can’t remember the exact price. Thrift shopping is one of my FAVORITE things to spend the day doing!

  2. Thingy is totally a word! I use it all the time. Love the wood box. I just scored a boatload of smallish wine crates that I’m trying to figure out what to do with.

  3. Love it! I just purchased 3 white porcelain letters that spell the word eat for my kitchen. To look at them makes me so happy!

  4. Kelli this is why I so enjoy your blog because I would never think to put flowers or desk items in the holder. You have a gift because I never can just spot something and see potential!!!! I hope your day was full of sweetness for Valentine’s.

  5. The thrill is in the hunt!!! Found a needlepoint wool 4 x 5 area rug,off white background for $14.95 at a thrift store…spot cleaned with baking soda and dish soap/water mix . Bingo!!looks like new again. At age 72..a cheap thrill! lol. Live better for less!!!Love the box idea.
    thrill…a high!!!

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