Yesterday during my milk paint demo at Vintage Interiors, we created a DIY tray out of a cabinet door. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I created a DIY tray out of a cabinet door. You can see that post here. I still had one left over. They were cabinet doors that came off of my moms bathroom cabinet. Anywhoo….I took this with me to the demo yesterday in hopes that I would get lots of “peel” from the milk paint because they were painted with oil based paint. Boy was I RIGHT and it was REALLY cool. The most authentic part is the oil based shiny white peeping through…. LOVE this.

Painted tray 2

Painted tray 3

Here is how I did it.

1. The original finnish was white, shiny, oil based paint.

2. I painted a layer of Boxwood found here, over the cabinet. Only one coat was necessary and no boding agent was used.

3. I let it dry to the touch, We used a hair dryer to help it along. It began to peel so I scraped all peeling paint off with a putty knife.

4. I then applied a layer of hemp oil with a piece of a t-shirt. Hemp Oil is found here.

5. I immediately went over the hemp oil in linen found here. The hemp acted as a resist to the milk paint, allowing me to layer the paint effectively. Then then the white began to peel and I did the same thing I did in step 3.

6. Make sure all of the flakes are off and seal with wax or hemp oil.

Now you can imagine, you could paint layers and layers of paint on a piece, making it look like it was peeling 100 years of crustiness off. This truly lends an authentic look.

That’s my tip of the day! Use Hemp Oil as a resist. I have only used it with milk paint. I am not sure if it would work with chalk paint, but if someone tries that out, let me know!

Happy Painting!



  1. I want to try to milk paint so bad but I just can’t afford it! It’s really not a bad price at all, I just don’t have fun money – ha! This tray looks really awesome though!!

  2. That post was exactly what I needed I’m getting ready to do a coffee table for a client who wants it to be yellow grey and blue so this is the perfect technique

  3. Getting ready to paint some pieces for Brimfield Antique Show today. I have a kids dresser with a pretty shiny paint on it. It will be the first time I use milk paint over a shiny surface, Thanks for the tutorial. We’ll see what happens.

  4. Sandra Drogmiller says:

    there are recipes for homemade mi
    lk paint allover pintrest and the internet.

  5. Sandra Drogmiller says:

    love what you did to that piece and thank you for sharing!!!! Blessings

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