I just finished up this sweet little vintage Ethan Allen Cabinet in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, kitchen scale. I took it into the store today and did some re arranging.

Ethan allen 2

Ethan allen cabinet

The top on this piece was that really dated maple varnish and had many scratches on it. I stripped it down to its’ beautiful wood, sanded it, and then gave it a few really good coats of Hemp Oil. I mixed kitchen scale with equal parts water and applied three coats. It is really remarkable how it naturally flakes off in some areas and sticks in others.

It will not continue to flake after it has been scraped, lightly sanded and then waxed. This sweet little piece went from dated hard maple to a rustic little cabinet that looks like it belongs in a lake house or cabin.

I noticed in Miss Mustard Seed’s book that she had mixed her milk paint in a mason jar. This is a really good idea because you can put the lid on it in between coats. You can’t really save it for very long because it goes rancid once you mix it. I started saving my glass peanut butter jars because the mouth on the top is a lot wider than a mason. I was able to get my brush in it no problem without having to pour it into a bowl. We eat a lot of smackers around here:)

Ethan allen 3

So how about it? Have you tried it yet? What do you think? I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. I love the way it turned out! Where do you buy milk paint?

  2. It’s beautiful!

  3. Love that color and that you left the top natural! I have a box of MMS milk paint in Linen waiting to be used on a cabinet, I’m so excited to get started!!! Curious to see how the chipping will go and how the piece will come out. Just painted my first piece of furniture with ASCP last week and loved it!

  4. Nice job. I have tried it, but i don’t think i like it. I do NOT like the smell, mine was awful. I do like the ‘chippy’ look occasionally, but because i sell so many custom pieces, i don’t feel i can use it that often. Also, i am all about kind of letting the piece turn out how it wants to, but don’t love the total unpredictability of it. I just can’t get away from the extreme ease of ASCP. When i paint something, i want it done like yesterday. I don’t want to have to mix, and mine didn’t mix all that well either. Maybe it was just me, but i mixed it a LONG time. Anyway, wish i liked it more, others seem to.

    love your site, i have you in my feeds and read every post! Blessings, Michelle

  5. It is beautiful!!! I can’t wait to try mms milk paint. I have been using ASCP. Love your blog!!

  6. The cabinet is beautiful! I’m painting my kitchen cabinets with milk paint.
    I’ve used MP for about a year now, I read that once it is mixed it will not last. But I have to say, this isn’t the case for me! In fact what I have discovered is that the longer it is mixed the better the color and consistency! I keep it in an air tight container and just stir it well before I use it. It doesn’t have any foul odor at all!! Just thought I would share this with you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I work with Ethan Allen in Hoover, Al on HWY 150 and just love seeing our product being repurposed! You’ve done a wonderful job capturing a beautiful finish and enhancing the look of this piece! I’m so glad I found this website and will check back periodically!

  8. You did a gorgeous job on the cabinet! I love the milk paint, I have used it for many years and love the MMS colors, actually Kitchen Scale is my favorite of her colors. I can understand the one comment about being wary of its unpredictability, you do have to be ready for whatever you get and if you are doing custom work you need to be able to control it. I think the bonding agent helps but I have never used it.


  9. Hi,Just found your website,love it,i use to finish furniture,your blog makes me want to start back,I was just looking for how to make a bow,anyway i also visited your store earlier this year with a friend and probably saw some of your work,you do a great job!

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