Market Monday- Mini Farming- My idea folder

I think I just about have my farm house built in my head. You have to dream right? I’m still so far out from having my house done to sell but my goodness, I sure have accumulated a lot of thoughts and ideas for where I want to go.

I found this House on Pinterest…
There is no source, the link said it was spam. Oh well,  I like the lay out.

Farm house

I also found all of these gorgeous pics.  Pinterest sucks me in for hours!

This is Laurie Anna’s Porch. I could pin off of her boards all day. I LOVE her house.

Front porch

And oh my…. look at this KITCHEN!!


I could see myself doing something like this with MMS Milk Paint.
So I thought for Market Monday I would share with you one of my latest favorite reads, Mini Farming On a Quarter of and Acre. It’s great even for the house I am in now. It teaches you step by step how to achieve a harvest of TONS of  veggies  and fruits all grown in a very small space. It has so much more than gardening it the book like raising chickens!  This book is so full of great information that I am going to use it as a supplement to my 8th grade science curriculum for Anna Kate. I highly recommend this book for beginners, especially if you are tight on acreage.  It’s great and it’s only like 12 bucks. You can click on the book to go straight to amazon.

Happy Monday!

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