FAVORITE FINDS OF THE WEEK { my estate sale goodies}

Today was fun! I have not been to an estate sale in a long time. I think I’m in farmhouse mode because everything I went for today had that feel and I don’t want to get rid of anything I bought! I came away with a crusty old vintage scale, some vintage flash cards and an old cosco stool from the 50’s. I’d  say that’s a good day! I got the scale for  6, the stool for 5 and the flash cards for 50 cents. SCORE! So here’s my question for you…..

What should I do with the stool? Paint it or just clean it and leave it, rust and all.



Vintage flash cards

Vintage kitchen scale

Vintage cosco yellow stool


I’m listening….. :O)



  1. Just clean the stool and leave the rust!

  2. All lovely vintage pieces and what great deals! If yellow works in your home, you could just clean it up and go with it. If it doesn’t I would paint just the yellow part and rough it up to look worn like the rest.

  3. Wow – you found some great pieces! I die over that scale… and leave the rust. It gives it character!

  4. I love the stool!! We have one at our table in turquoise and I just love it, especially the pull out step!! I say clean it up and leave it!!! Looks like you had a great time!

  5. As a mom of seven I would have to say, “Lose the rust.” The kids are going to climb on it and get a scrape, then you have the worry of tetanus even though they had their shots. Maybe you can mitigate the damage by sanding good and putting a poly acrylic finish on it. Or, maybe that linseed-turpentine-vinegar finish, just to tame it a little. Good luck, whatever you decide.

  6. Wow great buys! Don’t do anything besides clean the stool. I recently scored a red one no back and paid $20 I re-painted the top…not such a great decision.

  7. Great stuff. I get so excited when I find great stuff at an estate sale or thrift store. If the yellow works, leave it. I love the old look like it has a million stories to tell. My question is, can you seal it up? I have always wondered about lead paint issues with stuff like that. What do you know about it? That has hindered me from buying old painted items for kids’ bedrooms. Great lanterns, too. I love that stuff. Can’t wait to see where you put the stool…. please update!!!

    • true on the lead paint…. you never know. BUT you can seal it. I am going to sand it really good and put a good coat of spray polyurethane on it. I still cannot decide what to do with it! It matches nothing in my house right now, but I am starting over when we move…. I need to quit collecting for another house and start de junking the one I’m in so I can sell it!

  8. How do you fond Estate Sales? I look online in my area and come up with zilch?

  9. I have a stool just like that – but red – which belonged to my great aunt. I wanted to paint it a new color – so I took it to the local hardware store for advice. I was told to clean it with rubbing alcohol and then sand it with a fine 200 grit sand paper before painting. As I used the rubbing alcohol, red paint came off on my rag. After I got one area clean, I sanded a small part and that produced lots of red powder. I started to worry about lead paint since the stool is from the fifties. I got a lead test kit and sure enough – it is lead paint. Removal of lead paint requires extreme caution. One site I found said that workers removing lead paint should throw away their overalls! Don’t breathe the dust, etc etc. I went back to the hardware store for further advice. I got a respirator, and I am going to do much less prep before I paint. I will work outside and clean up really well. I hope to exercise adequate caution! But it is a worry. According to one web site – exposure to even a tiny amount of lead can be harmful.

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