My week of oils series took a back burner today when my mom called to let me know that our little cabin in the woods needed to be checked on. A neighbor not too far from us had 3 trees fall on her house during the storms on Monday. EEP! I kind a sorta had a feeling we should go scope it out. My Grandaddy built this cabin with a friend in 1976 out of scraps of free stuff. Everything they could get their hands on for free, they used. He then turned around and bought it from a friend. I have some sweet memories of this place, growing up with my grandparents here. It’s a sentimental little spot.
There was damage all around us but once we started down our big hill, we saw that the Lord had put his wings over it and all was well.
We had no power and had to clean out the fridge, but that is minimal compared to what many others had to deal with! Grateful.
Lake 1

This cute little cottage is going to get a lot of work done on it this spring. It needs a new roof, it will be tin… My favorite. The bathroom needs a serious makeover and the place needs a good painting. ( HAHA, no this is not the cottage, it’s the well 🙂
Lake 2

Maybe I’ll do a little blogging about it on the way.
Lake 3

and then a house tour…

Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I thought the “well house” was your outdoor plumbing…until I saw the cottage!! LOL!! Glad everything was OK. God is good!!

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