MARKET MONDAY { Our Eczema Story}

Back in October I found myself in a desperate situation with Anna Kate’s eczema. I had gotten lax about checking it because she usually will let me know when she needs help with it. One day I caught her scratching and said, “hey, let me see what you are scratching.” Y’all, I about had a panic attack right then and there…… Her legs were purple from mid-thigh to mid calf, covered in sores and those purple sores were hard and painful to the touch. I knew right then she had infection and the beginning stages of cellulitis. What did this mean for us? Another round of steroids and an antibiotic that may or may not work considering she has taken them so many times. This could be the time that her body decides it will be immune to one that works. Left untreated this could cause blood infections and a list of things I am not willing to speak out loud. Knowing the side effects of the steroids and not knowing the long-term effects, I longed for something that I knew I could do without pumping her full of chemicals again. I got on the phone with my friend whose husband is a nurse practitioner and asked them what they thought. She introduced me to a company called Young Living that day and I am incredibly grateful for it.

Everyday oilsCrystal had me order Melrose Essential Oil and Rose ointment to treat her legs. I wish I had before and after pictures of Anna Kate’s legs, but I just wasn’t thinking. She would most likely kill me for posting those pictures online anyway, haha. I started applying the Melrose oil like a massage to her legs. I put equal parts Melrose to Grape Seed Oil (found in the cooking section of the health food store or here on Amazon). I let it sit on her legs for about 10-15 minutes and then applied the rose ointment. I kid you not, I could tell a huge difference just over night. We did this 3 times a day until it was gone. By day four, it was almost completely healed.


I am truly amazed by the power of the Melrose Essential Oil. Not just any Melrose, but Young Living’s Melrose Essential Oil. It is 100% therapeutic and is safe to ingest. This is not just your cheap essential oils found at whole foods and other health stores. It’s pure and unadulterated. Why did this work so well? Well, Melrose has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties. Any situation where tissue needs to be regenerated, Melrose is your friend. It is great for the tiniest of cuts to major wounds. Just tonight I put it on my 5-year-old who cut her hand on a rose thorn. I reach for this now instead of Neosporin.

Rose ointment

The Rose Ointment is a skin protector. It helps to seal in oils after they are used or to heal dry and cracked skin. My kids reach for this first thing when they have chapped lips.
So here is our substation list from over the counter to all natural.

Instead of Protopic Ointment we use Rose Ointment
Instead of steroid Cream we use Melrose Oil in combination with Rose Ointment
Instead of Cerave’ Lotion we use Lavender Lotion.

I could not be happier with the results and I feel so much better knowing we are putting something that is actually beneficial on her skin. No more stress over what the negative long-term effects will be. Thank you Jesus for your plants. You knew what you were doing when you spoke them into existence and I am truly thankful.

Okay so y’all, I must say, I am not a doctor and I am just telling you what has worked for me. This post is just for information and not for treating or diagnosing an illness…I am not that good. I am just SO in LOVE with Essential Oils I wanted to share what they have done for me and for my family. Okay, enough legal mumbo jumbo.

We use so many Young Living Products, I became a young living member to get wholesale pricing and to be on their Essential Rewards program. It is much cheaper for us this way. Today for Market Monday, I wanted to introduce these two products to you and to let you know they are available for you in the Market Here.

You can obtain wholesale pricing by becoming a member of Young Living and being a part of the Granola Team. You can find out how that works over at Granola Convert here.  Be sure you  use My member# It is 1367019. I look at my membership like a Costco Membership. I am not required to sell anything if I don’t want to, I just pay 40.00 per year to be a member and receive wholesale pricing and great benefits. We use so many of their products it just made sense for me and it may for you too. If you have any questions at all, please email me! Happy Monday!


  1. I am so glad you found something that works for your daughter!
    I started using coconut oil on my 3 year old’s skin to help treat her chicken skin. It works great and it makes me feel good that she has something on her skin that she could even eat instead of a chemical filled lotion.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. monica says:

    My daughter is on her own now and i will inform her of your great find. She has always had skin issues so she will like to read about the oils. I hope your daughter feels better and thank you for sharing.

  3. Sharon C. says:

    Thanks for the information. I am wondering if the various oils have a fragrace such as the rose or lavender oils you mentioned. I am one of those so senstive to fragrances that almost all products we use have to be fragrance free. Many share this problem. “Aromatherapy” is not a benefit to us.

    • restore says:

      Sharon, they do smell fragrant but they are natural and not manufactured chemicals. It is just the plant. Most aromatherapy oils are not therapeutic. They have all kinds of added junk in them that can make them bothersome. You are going to get the natural rose scent. But I totally get what you are saying…. some of those smells can be awful.

  4. Mary borgsmiller says:

    I was glad to see this. I too have skin problems and have battled itchy rashes etc and many allergy tests (I am allergic to fragrance.) I used to be a “young living” client but had let my membership lapse. I am hoping that the essential oils will not aggravate my “fragrance” issues since they are pure and do not contain the other chemicals in manufactured fragrances. I have ordered the three items to see if they will help my skin. Funny, how no one told me about these several years ago! Thanks for the tip.

    • restore says:

      Your welcome! I hope that they help you as much as they have us. And you are right, they should not bother you since they are not manufactured chemicals ;O)

  5. Miriam says:

    You are describing my college son’s rash almost to the T — his looks like a big purple bruise and on his butt. I am going to give your oils a try — do you offer any coupons for first time buyers? I’m really praying it works and appreciate finding your site while really surfing about interiors. Thanks Keli!

  6. Mary MaAnally says:

    After reading of your success with these products on your daughter, I wonder if these oils might help my husband. He had cardio by- pass 2 years ago that left him with a large puffy, reddish purple scar (keloid) down his chest. He has been to a dermatologist without any improvements. Or you may know of another product with this company that might be beneficial. Will try any suggestions. Thanks Kellie

  7. Mary says:

    My Mom is struggling with eczema right now, possibly largely due to stress. She is getting the Melrose oil. Was wondering when you said you mixed equal parts of the Melrose and grape seed oil, does it take a lot to cover a large area?

    • Hi Mary! I am not really sure how I missed this comment! So sorry I’m late..I went through a lot of the Melrose and Lavender oil at first when I was trying to get it under control. Now we use very litle of it for maintenence. I probably went through half a bottle when I was treating her severe legs but after 2 weeks, I didn’t need so much anymore. Email me at kellihwright at gmail dot com if you have any questions. I would love to know how she is doing.

  8. Heather says:

    How many times per day did you apply the melrose and rose ointment, both for getting under control and for maintenance? Thanks.