Chemical Free Bug Repellent Recipe

It’s about that time here in Alabama. About time for the monster mosquitos that love to eat us ALIVE.



Last year the only thing that worked was the spray that had way too much deet in it. I was constantly worried about it on my kids, especially my five year old. Well this year, I have found something that actually works. There are tons of natural sprays out there, but the reason they are not affective is because they are using essential oils that have been adulterated and heavily diluted by multiple distillation processes. I have found that Young Living’s 100% therapeutic grade medicinal oils do the trick. I blogged about in over on the lounge. I am still working over there to get all the posts up of the recipes we used at the event last week. If you want to find out the dangers of diet and  know how we made this spray, you can find the recipe HERE. And of course if you want  to order oils, or get them wholesale yourself, you can  email me or get more info HERE. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. SueAnn says:

    What a glorious solution….

  2. Nancy says:

    Love this! I sell the oils & my friend ran across your blog & sent it to me.
    Aren’t they wonderful?!