I had plans to turn my dining room into a home school room but since we are in more of a hurry to sell our house, staging my dining room seemed like a better idea.  I thought I would just use my collections to make it look pretty. I used all of the things I have been saving for my farmhouse and they motivate me to keep the ball rolling at finishing up this house!

ALL of this stuff in here was either found at garage sales, thrift stores or estates sales except for a few things that were gifts and the pillows.

Dining room

Ironstone and silver


Here are just a few of the details

Chandelier – 10.00 at a yard sale
Antique farm cabinet – 200.00 at an estate sale
French Dining Table – 25.00 at a garage sale
Dining Chairs – Les’s grandmother’s
All of my ironstone and items in my cabinet were picked up for a few dollars each over the years for a dollar or two.
The books are all of my granddads organic gardening books. I have been devouring them trying to figure out how to do it!
The book wreath was made by my 12 year old.
The old tool box was my grandaddy’s and the seltzer bottles were found on our family trip doing the longest yard sale in Tennessee.
The pillows are World Market.
The french chairs were 34.00 each at Past and Presents in Bluff Park.

I’m still collecting and working on the rest of the room, but I can say it is about 85% done! One step closer to a sign in the yard!

Happy Friday!


  1. looks great! love the ironstone!!

  2. Looks wonderful! I like all of your pretty things and I like that you were able to find all of them inexpensively. Furniture too! Best wishes on your home sale. Stop in and visit me at You will see some of my interior decorating ideas on a dime 🙂

  3. Its beautiful. I love the ironstone and the grainsack table runner

  4. It’s gorgeous Kelli – and I love your dining chairs!!

  5. Love all your white ironstone simply beautiful

  6. Your hutch is splendid. All that ironstone makes me smile.

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