Thanks for letting me rant yesterday. Today I feel so much better. Things could be so much worse. Instead of complaining I should be thankful. Thank you for all of your encouragement! I still don’t have the MRI results back. I may not get them until Monday, but that is okay! I feel like if it was something major they would have called me already. AK is still feeling crummy, but I am pumping her full of vitamin C and D as well as herbal tea with honey, thieves oil and lemon oil. It tastes pretty good too. I am about to make her get in the shower. She has been on the couch all day. Showers always make a person feel better at least a little bit!

Project Healthy Family 2013 has been going great around here. Thanks to my friend Anna Wight, I have another arsenal of good ideas. Anna and I met through a mutual friend last week and believe me, it was one of those God given appointments. She is so full of wisdom when it comes to natural medicine and food that heals. Anna has just recently released a cook book called This is How We Eat. I told her I would look it over, try something, and if I liked it I would share it with you. Anna is a Photographer by trade so her pictures make you want to make everything! Anna’s journey to healthy eating came at a time when she was trying to conceive children and couldn’t. She was diagnosed with multiple illnesses and prescribed a multitude of medications. After totally transforming her diet along with natural medicine, she was not only able to conceive but was healed from her ailments. This goes to show you the damage that commercial food is doing to our bodies. It is heart breaking. It gets less tasty and more toxic as the years go by. All of the recipes in her book are gluten free and the ones I have tried are so tasty! I even made cake in a mug, whipped up in the microwave and ready to eat in a minute and a half. Quick,healthy dessert in under two minutes that curbs my sweet tooth. Yes please!

The enemy food in my life has always been brussels and cooked carrots. I can vividly remember my mom forcing me to eat these at the table and literally gagging. Oh how I dreaded those nights! My dad even hates them to this day. Well, come to find out, she was feeding us canned brussels. No wonder. They were soggy and unbearable. Ew.. Double EW. Thinking about it again, I remember even holding my nose while I forced it down! While reading Anna’s cookbook I came across a beautiful picture of brussels wrapped in bacon. She made it look good so I thought I would try to re introduce myself to this abomination of a food. I bought fresh Brussels at Earth Fare and bacon from a local farmer that had not been fed GMO corn or soy and no preservatives or nitrates were added to the bacon. You an also find bacon like this at Whole Foods. My pictures aren’t as good as hers but I tried!


Here is step by step how I did it and how she describes it in her cookbook.

What you will need:

10 slices of Bacon
10 Brussels
20 Tooth Picks

1. Microwave Bacon in Paper Towel for 1 and a 1/2 minutes and cut in half.

Bacon 1

2. Cut Brussels in half.

Brussels 3

3. Wrap one bacon half around one brussel half and secure with a toothpick and arrange on a stone or foil lined baking sheet spritzed with olive oil.


4. Bake at 400 degrees for 25 minutes or until brown. Mine didn’t take that long. I have to say, these were devoured in less than a minute by my whole family, even my dad. The bacon over powers the brussels but the fact that they were fresh I think made all the difference. I believe I could eat them roasted with just salt and pepper. They were outstanding.

Brussels 4

Thank you Anna for encouraging me to give them a try and for sharing your book with us. Anna has given me a special code for you guys for 10% off her book if you want to try it. She has it in paperback form as well as PDF for e-readers. You can use the code restore10book for the paperback or restore10PDF for the e-reader version. Her website to order and follow her new blog is at This is How we Eat dot net.

Now to fix some herbal tea for the sickie :O) Thanks for the prayers everyone. Have a great weekend.



  1. Marion Owens says:

    I love brussel sprouts. I quarter mine. Fry a couple of slices of bacon and place on paper towel. Saute sprouts in the bacon grease, if too much grease I remove some. When tender place on dish squeeze some lemon juice on them and crumble bacon on top. I fixed some last Christmas and when I took them to sisters everybody thought BRUSSEL SPROUTS, but they ate them up. Tell your Mom hi.

  2. Oh boy…those look yummy!! I will look for the book…thanks

  3. These look delicious! I totally feel your pain (literally) in being nervous and fearful about your MRI results- I have been there (I have TMJ and deal with jaw pain daily)! But really, if it had been something really bad or serious, they should have told you that day you had the scan and referred you to the appropriate specialist (I know this because my father-in-law is a neuroradiologist). I hope you start feeling better- remember there is no fear in the Lord!!

  4. Annette Tracy says:

    I was out to dinner one night and was served brussel sprouts that I was shocked at how delicious they were, so I came home and found a recipe for them. I make my brussel sprouts by cutting them in half, adding them to a pan with olive oil in it, and also 3 to 4 garlic cloves cut up. I let them cook until they’re brown on both side, and of course they are so tender. Then I serve them with parmesean cheese sprinkled on them. This probably takes about 20 mins on medium heat. Our family loves them!

  5. Hello there, friend!
    I just went through and caught up on some of your posts – I’m sorry to hear about your back and I’m sending Love and Light your way. I’m hoping you’ve gotten your MRI results and everything is as it should be.
    I love Brussel Sprouts. No vegetable should ever be in a can. Yuck!
    I popped in to your Marketplace – your +/- (quantity) button isn’t working properly.
    I’m going to paint my piano with Milk Paint. It’s not huge – Maybe the size of a really big dresser – or an armoire. . . do you think I’ll need more than one box/bag of MMS to do it? I have one box of Ironstone – but I’m thinking I might need another?

  6. whoa, project healthy does not include bacon!! : )

    • LOL;) I know. Baby step, for us…Baby steps. This is a once in a while treat. We live in Alabama where bacon is a staple. HaHa. I was just happy it was from an animal that had been fed with no GMO and there were no preservatives and nitrates…etc…. and my family was eating a brussel. My husband has already lost 15 pounds and I have lost 8. We feel GREAT having no sugar or chemicals in our bodies. A little extra fat every once in a while won’t hurt us…. I hope :O) It’s a “treat” for the hubs.

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