Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, right around dinner time, the sound of the “Entertainer”, the jingle from the ice-cream truck begins to make its way into my children’s ears. Not only is this draining on the pocket book, but not a thing on that truck is good for my children. No, I am not a tyrant, I do allow my kids to have it on occasions, but I cannot do it every time he comes.
Saturday we took the girls to Pepper Place, a local farmers market in Birmingham, offering many organic vegetables and fruits, eggs, plants and other specially food items. We bought berries which both of my girls LOVE. These had just been picked that morning and were so beautiful and sweet.

When we got home, I had both of the girls help me in the kitchen to experiment, making our own summer popsicles. Knowing that these were filled with super antioxidants and low sugar made these completely guilt free.

Here is what we did……

I processed 2 cups of berries with 1/4 cup of agave nectar in my food processor. You can find the nectar at Publix or at Whole Foods. It is a natural sweetener with fewer calories than organic cane. This made 6 popsicles in my vintage tupperware molds. We made blackberry pops as well as blueberry strawberry.  What I love about these is that you can use fruit, honey, yogurt or even vegetables like sweet potato. As long as you like the taste after it is processed and its a pourable consistency you should be good. It is a lot of fun do to with your kids, making up different flavors and naming them. When they actually put there hands to do it, they will be more likely eat them. My kids ate all 12 in two days.

Here is a tip for the popsicle sticks. If the mixture is not thick enough to hold your sticks, let them set for about 20 minutes and then put them in. They will stand up perfectly and then finish freezing.

Have fun with it and if you decide to try it out, please let me know how it turns out!

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