Chicken and Waffles { antique mall}

The last week of August has really hit me. *sniff* *sniff* My oldest starts 7th grade and this is my little ones last year of preschool. Dear GOD, where does the time go?! The crazy begins today. Gymnastics starts this afternoon for my little one and AK starts dance tomorrow. I am not finished shopping for school supplies and we still need uniforms. School starts next week! YIKES! I’ve been going through our summer pictures, weeding through the bad ones and editing the good ones. I’m trying to put together an album of the whole year to get printed in January. While I was combing through our vacation photos, I found these pictures of a restaurant that I fell in love with in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are ever there, you must go to Food Works.



It is amazing food and is perfect for peeps like us because they have an antique mall connected to it. Yep, they do, and it’s a HUGE one.
I had my fist taste of Chicken and Waffles there. Just like fish tacos, it sounds so nasty but I am a bit of a food dare devil and I tried it just to say that I had. I WILL be getting that again. That big round ball on the waffle is some kind of pecan butter. Mixed withe the chicken and the waffle was heaven in my mouth. I ate every bite!!


When we were done, we walked down the hallway and landed right in the middle of a huge antique store called the Knitting Mill.

DSC 4176
This is another place where I lamented over not getting the seltzer bottles. I saw how much they were priced here, and knew I needed to get back up that mountain to get the ones I saw at the sale.


I didn’t get to look long because we were headed to the aquarium, but what I did see were some great booths with some talented stylists.


I loved the chicken and waffles but they didn’t love me back. We had to hike a mile in the heat across the bridge to the aquarium. I was wishing I weighed 35 pounds too so I could hitch a ride.


It was SO worth it though! YUM!


  1. I have a lot of family in Chattanooga and usually visit every year, but I have never heard of this place. I must look it up next time I’m in town. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Ooo that looks so cool! We have been to C’nooga several times on vacation in the past few years but somehow I missed this place! I’ll check it out next time!

  3. We’ve gone to that antique mall several times, but have never eaten there. I live in TN and have never had chicken and waffles or seen it advertised! HEEEEEE!
    However, I don’t like fried chicken (I don’t like alot of fried stuff), so it wouldn’t be something I would try. I could go for the waffle alone though! That mall is very pricey, but nice to look at things and get ideas.


  4. I have put this on my “must see/do/eat” list! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I grew up in Chattanooga, TN and The Food Works is my absolute favorite place now ever since I went back a year ago in the beginning of winter! The atmosphere was really laid back and cozy! And on a winter day, warmth is like striking gold when you’re from Florida and have 7 layers on and still aren’t warm enough! The food here was great and the wonderful antique shop thats located right next to the amazing diner/warehouse made it a thousand times better! Chattanooga is the best place in TN! Everyone should visit this ancient landmark sometime in their life! <3

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