Long hours have been spent this week getting ready for a garage sale at my house. It’s time to let stuff go. I am notorious for keeping stuff in the name of “I might need it one day.”
My basement clutter has got to go…like now. I am so stressed over it, especially because the Lord has asked me to take a break from so much retail to concentrate on my kids, my own home and our health for this year. I’m praying that it all sells!

Here is my reality…

I still have so much stuff to go through and it starts in the morning, YIKES!
I have signs to make, pricing to do, change to get and a house to clean before AK’s friends get here. ( she is doing her own sale and bake sale to raise money for our Birmingham Dream Center.)

Here are a few pictures of how I organized things. This is only half of it!

After this is over, I will share pictures and some things I learned along the way to make it successful.

Sale 2


Sale 3

Sale 5

Sale 6

It’s supposed to be a GORGEOUS day tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Jan Sanford says:

    I want to go!!! Are you posting on Craigslist or how can I find you?

  2. I need to do this myself…moving in one year and I have entirely too much stuff

  3. That is one classy garage sale. Lots of great stuff, including my initials 😉 All the best of luck!

  4. May you walk in God’s peace as He orders your steps through this ‘break’ to be obedient to Him.

  5. Wish I coulda been there, Kelli! Hope you kicked butt! And I can so relate to cleaning out the clutter. I took one whole day last week to trash, donate and organize a few rooms in our home. Felt SO good!
    SO good!

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