Money is tight. Insurance is going up. The cost of food is going up and now we are eating food that cost 30% more than processed foods. Gas is going up. People are losing jobs. Country’s are going under. Goodness. We have bills to pay, debt we owe, and places we want to go! I’ve been praying and praying and praying for God to bless our finances and he so has. My husband has a great job and we are blessed with so much. We are still paying for bad financial decisions in the past and for our “BC” (Before Christ) lifestyle. I want this gone so that I can be blessed to be a blessing. I have been waiting for God to show up and just put it in my lap. But Wednesday night, the Holy Spirit showed up and spoke to my heart. I must partner with him. He can do what He can do, and I have to do what I can do. The natural and the Supernatural must work together. The pastor that was speaking at my church said something very profound. It was loud to me. He shared a verse from 2 Kings 4 that said, “you may not have what need, but you will always have a seed.” Good grief David had a rock! A rock people. Not an AK 47, or an AR 15, but a tiny little rock. He had the faith to pick up what he had, what God had given him and use it to slay a giant. God demands a step of faith first. You have to be willing to get up and move! Monique just introduced me to a lady on Facebook, Sandy Krakowski. If you don’t follower her, look her up. I love her motivational quotes. Anyway she posted this the day after I heard this message and I knew it was confirmation for me.

Hand and plants

“Procrastination is deceitful. It makes you believe that to delay is good & justifies our passivity. Don’t go into deep thought. Move!”- Sandi
I realized that back in November, God began preparing my heart for health and wellness. After a long 12 years of dealing with food allergies, eczema, outdoor allergies and asthma, the Lord introduced me to an amazing company called Young Living. I began using their products, recommended by a friend and a Nurse Practitioner, for what I believe, a pretty serious staff infection on the back of my daughters legs from eczema. She had hard purple areas all over it that were so sore to the touch she would scream, like loud. Over a period of about 4 days I began to see the infection wear off and after 2-3 weeks, the exzcema was hardly visible. My only regret was not taking pictures but I was so wrapped up in getting this healed up it was the last thing on my mind. I had no idea at the time that this was the beginning of a thriving business. The Lord had put a seed right there in my lap and I didn’t realize it. I began telling people about it when people that we know began commenting on how great her skin looked. I was so happy with how things went with these two products that I ordered the Everyday 9 Kit from Crystal because I wanted to experiment more. I dove in head first with lemon, lavender, peace and calming and thieves along with others of my favorites. We began to see results with our outdoor allergy issue using lavender.
One day we were on a field trip with Monique and her girls. I was drenching Anna Kate in lavender on the way down and had made her take a pill orally.( WARNING: you can only ingest the oils that I recommend. They are unadulterated and food grade 100% therapeutic oils). We went hiking in the fall leaves for an hour and she had no sneezing. UNHEARD OF. No joke. Normally I would have had her downing the zyretec. She had it in her back pocket and applied it when she felt like she needed it. We went home and had only minor wheezing but no meds were needed. Over time it has built up in her system and is working great. (FYI- we do allergy shots too and in combo with oils, we are now off of ALL meds. She even went for a run in the thickest pollen you have ever seen and had no problems) Using this in front of Monique got her interested and she started using them too with GREAT results for her stomach issues. Over a few weeks time, this girl RAN with the whole business end of it and had shared it with like a gagillion people. I didn’t even know what to tell her to do because I was just using them for us. I had NO intentions of doing this as a business, especially when I found out it was a Network Marketing Company. I hate those, I always have. I’ve done them before and they have always been just ICK to me, just being honest. Sorry if that offends but I’m being for real. I’ve done them in the past and vowed to NEVER do them again. I have literally RUN from friends trying to get me to do those things. Oh beware of those vows. They have a way of biting you in the Butt. Never say Never to God. I started doing research on Young Living. And just being honest I did find one negative article on the quack watch site. I prayed about it and did a little more research and the positives HIGHLY out weighed that one negative article. This guy it seemed was out to get ANY alternative medications and had no facts to back up his statements. Young Living had facts and documents to back up their rebuttal. And for that matter, I really didn’t care. I had results, I personally knew others who were using them and that’s really all that mattered to me. I also really believe that knowing how to use alternative medicine in important. I still believe in doctors, don’t get me wrong. There is a time and a place for BOTH.   I have found  that 50 US hospitals are now using Young Living essential oils, including the Cleveland Clinic who has hired staff specifically for this. I also recently found out that Gary Young, the founder has been asked by the FDA to help them set standards for natural products. That says a lot right there.
Okay so I knew they worked, I saw Monique doing well and just for what she had done under me and the first month I got a 390.00 check in the mail. WHAT?? That paid for our oil habit and then some. I realized after that Wednesday night that God has tripled that check in 3 months. WOW. It should be over 1000. That would be a seed right there. I had to move. I HAD to move!
God has opened up this door for me and its my job in the natural to walk through it and then let him take care of the supernatural. And supernatural he has done. If you had asked me a year ago if I would be even using these things I would have said you were crazy. Since Janurary, Monique and I have added 117 people to our team. We have created a unique and special group on Facebook called the Lemon Drop Lounge for people to ask questions and read testimonies. We have a super awesome and creative  friend, Lindsay who is doing an awesome job with our graphics.

Lemon drop lounge

Since February this group has grown to almost 500 people. Friends are being made and lives are being changed. I have had the ability to pray for numerous people and that makes my heart happy. We have added a second group called The Lemon Droppers for people who are wanting to work the business and as of right now, she and her husband are working to launch our very own sites. www.thelemondroploundge.com and www.lemondroppers.com. We are so pumped about that. We have some really cool marketing ideas, T shirts and all kind of other crazy exciting things in the works.

I realized when this got going and after I did my taxes that retail was STINKING for me. I wasn’t really making that much money having these booths. Mom still has her booth at Vintage and we are still selling Miss Mustard Seed’s Paint there. The girls are working up a schedule for classes on the paint really soon. I will still be talking about that some here on the blog. DIY and decorating is in my blood and it’s a part of this blog. It will stay there. I love that the Lord gave me the name Restore Interiors. I can talk about our Restored Home, Restored Furniture, Restored Health and Restored hearts all wrapped up into one big blog. Go GOD.

So the Lord did put the seed in my lap, but it’s my job to make it grow. I can do what I can do in the natural and God can do the supernatural. I want to partner with God, don’t you? So if you have a need, pray about it. Ask God to show you where the seed is, he will show you. Then take it and run with it! Take a leap of faith. Shut out the skeptics if you want to go somewhere with God. You will be slaying giants in no time.


  1. I truly loved reading about your beginning. I am also so happy to have found YL as well. I’m fairly new to them but am already reaping the benefits. Take that seed and run with it!

  2. Talitha says:

    Hi! Just discovering your blog and I’m interested in the essential oils. Where can I find more information? I understand that you are extremely enthusiastic, but I would really want to learn about the dangers of essential oils as well. I don’t want solve one problem by using them and causing a new one! Not knowing anything about essential oils, I just went to wikipedia and got a little worried there… I don’t mean to be skeptical, but cautious, especially where it involves my kids… Would really appreciate it if you can let me know.