Curb Appeal { the start to our exterior makeover}

Fall is in the air and I love it. Our weather man said he thinks we are done with the humidity and the upper 90’s temps. I am so thankful for that. Just like spring, minus the bugs. YAY! I have been telling myself all year that this fall is going to be the start of our Curb Appeal project, and let me tell you, we need some. Well maybe not some, we need A LOT! I’m sorry to my neighbors that have to look at our house everyday. BLECK! My husband does a great job with the grass but neither one of us can ever find the time ( or the want to) to finish the beds, paint the house, replace the shutters, etc. etc…. I am telling you all this because for me, this is accountability! If I tell you I am going to do it, I want to follow through. ( unlike the layered paint video I have been promising but I swear that is not my fault:) I am going to be a little vulnerable with you here and show you my before pictures of the house before we get started.

Curb Appeal

Yes, those are plastic shutters. Oh my heavens, I can’t believe I am admitting that and I can’t believe I actually installed those 9 years ago. They were cheap and easy to do and I did’t know any better. That’s my excuse anyway. My sweet husband pulled them all off for me yesterday, the ones that were still attached. We lost a few in some intense storms and never replaced them. Lovely I know.

curb appeal

curb appeal

I am glad to see these go. I think no shutters at all is better than plastic shutters. Ew. Not only were they filthy but they had hundreds of dirt dobber nests under them. Many of the nests are still attached to the brick but that will all be cleaned once we pressure wash this weekend.

It is also about time to get rid of the wrought iron. I do love the pattern and I am hoping to get it cut up and maybe welded into a few lamps. It has so many layers of paint on it which I think is somewhat beautiful, but certainly not on the railings of the front of the house. Now it just looks like I have not taken care of things. Once this all comes off, some decorative support columns will go up and will be stained to match our deck.

curb appeal

You can tell from the above picture that the previous home owner did not take care of the brick while painting trim. There is white paint all over my brick and I can’t get it off. The brick is also a bit “orangey” and I don’t love that. We will be painting it a neutral color. I have to leave the white windows and the vinyl eaves that I don’t care for, but this has to be budget friendly and I can’t afford to replace these things.

So here is my question to you. Do any of you know a pretty neutral exterior color, preferably Benjamin Moore, that would look great on my brick? Keep in mind that I will have white trim, stained board and batton shutters as well as support columns and I would like to paint my front door a color. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I hope to have a lot of curb appeal with little investment by the start of winter. We shall see.


  1. Jodi McKelvin says:

    So many great little houses in Homewood. My mom and I drove around and made a note of color combos we liked. She ended up knocking on the door of a homeowner and asking for the colors she used! She was so flattered that she was happy to share her great picks.

  2. I’m sorry but i purchased BEAUTIFUL shutters online and they were some sort of vinyl but i loved them because they looked so much better than the wooden ones that weren’t damaged on the second floor exterior that we didn’t replace. They were the color I chose through and through so it they got scraped, etc. the damage wounldn’t show. They were exactly the same design as my upstairs wood ones and even though we painted the ones up top they never had the color crispness (is that the right way to say “color better and brighter?) as the new vinyl. Plus they were guaranteed not to fall apart because of sprinkler spray, weather, etc. Maybe they weren’t the plastic like you were referring to or maybe you feel like those that compare plastic plantation shutters to the real wood ones for interior spaces. Now on those in my home, I have the real wood!

    • Lou Ann,
      I totally agree with you. I would do vinyl. I actually had vinyl in my previous homes and loved them for low maintenance. The shutters we took off were not vinyl but a cheap plastic, thinner than those cute little plastic aderondike chairs they sell in the summer outside the grocery store:) I could bend them completely in half. Most of them were hanging off in some way. I also love my vinyl eaves I just dont care for white because I can’t seem to keep them clean:) I would love a dark chocolate color, the color of dirt, haha! But the budget won’t allow me to change that. I’m just going to have to do a better job cleaning them.

  3. Ben moore Rockport Gray(a warm gray). It will look fantastic with stained wood and white trim,

    • Front door ben moore Firefly 🙂

      • Thank you Amber! I am going to get a sample of these today. I used them on my Ben Moore Color app and they look beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to give me your advice! Picking a color for something so very large is scary to me!!!

        • Im 65 last month and the only color regrets I have throughout my life is that when I chose I didn’t go bolder! I ended up getting a medium blue shutter and painting my door to match. Always regretted not chosing the RED. When I got my new LG washer/dryer two years ago I thought that the cherry finish might be too bold over time. Two years later i still feel good every time I wash or dry a load of clothes. Never will get tired of going into the laundry room.

  4. I totally agree that no exterior shutters look better than plastic exterior shutters! Looks like you had a huge project with this curb appeal project.

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