Crackle Textured Finish Using School Glue {Video Tutorial}

Last week I showed you this Ethan Allen Dresser Makeover. I told you that I had a secret ingredient and some of you guessed it, school glue. Can you believe it??!! I know there are a lot of tutorials out there showing you how to crackle with school glue, but this is a tiny bit different. You can actually lift paint off. I hope you enjoy the video I put together. It is a little slower than the last one so hopefully it will make it easier to take notes.Enjoy!

Crackle finish

Ethan allen dresser

Maple dresser before


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  1. I used elmers glue for crackle texture years ago (before blogging) and had forgotten about it. I think I am going to try it on a piece I am working on now. Thank you for the wonderful video!

  2. What a neat idea! It turned out absolutely amazing. Megan

  3. That mirror is gorgeous! The pottery is also a nice compliment to the distressed dresser. Great job!

  4. Hi Kelli,
    Your furniture piece is so beautiful with such great character. The whole vignette with the mirror is wonderful. Great tips on the video.
    Appreciate your work here,

  5. OMG. I never woulda guessed school glue! I wanna try this NOW. But it’s midnight! Oh well…tomorrow’s Friday. I can sleep in, right? LOL…thanks for sharing!

  6. I was sad not to hear your sweet voice. I do hope that your health improves quickly and that you are up to speed again in no time.

  7. Hi there – great video – thanks so much! Quick question – does the second coat of paint (the color) HAVE to be Annie Sloan or will regular paint achieve the same end results? Thanks again!

  8. love the piece! would you mind share what colors you used?

  9. Hi! thanks for the video, i need to ask where you got the beautiful music, reconized the song and was wondering where i could buy it?

  10. Do you have to sand your furniture first to get off the old varnish or whatever is on it?

  11. Pamela OBanion says:

    WOW. Never would have guessed combining an awesome art and the Lord. Thank u. U have no idea what u just did for me. Bless u

  12. can I do this on a kitchen table ? another question, I have another table with glass top, is there something I can do

    paint or something else for the glass top ? You have so many idea, maybe you tried that ? so love what do do, so

    beautiful, and you give me great ideas..

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