Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms! I have had such a wonderful weekend. We prepped our house for a big Mothers Day Mexican fiesta at my home last night. All of my sisters and brother in laws, my in laws and parents came over to celebrate with us. My girls surprised me with some hand made cards and a magic mouse from the apple store. I am looking forward to playing with it today. 
I have been obsessed with lamp makeovers lately. I think it is the discovery of a new finish that gets me motivated. I found this lamp at a yard sale for three dollars and the linen shade at T J Maxx for 12. Not bad for a fifteen dollar lamp eh? 
I achieved this look, not kidding its that easy, with only layered chalk paint and crackle tex that I bought from Stacey at Faux Studio Designs. Her information is on my side bar if you want to contact her to order some and try it for yourself. 
I think one of the most important factors in this finish is choosing the right lamp and the right shade.  I suggest looking for lamps with a candle stick shape or lamps that could mimic wooden posts or finials. 
The more detail you have on the lamp the more depth you can create with the texture. 
If you want to see one close up, I have the lamp below for sale at Homewood Antiques and Marketplace in my space.
Happy Sunday! 

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