What Takes Priority? { 3 things + my night reading}

Last year I read a book that changed my life. It now proudly sits on my bedside table so that I can reference it whenever I feel like I am slipping back into old habits.  The book is The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family: A Leadership Fable About Restoring Sanity To The Most […]


Sunday, my husband and I started a new small group with some couples from my church. It’s called Home Improvement and is a small group dedicated to building healthy marriages and families. We had a VERY good time and learned a lot in the short time we were there. My very favorite part of the […]


Wednesday we woke up at 5:00am to Tornado sirens blaring, warning us of a Tornado coming our way that was eventually confirmed an EF2. Our bags were packed and by the door, ready for our 9 hour trip to Disney. We took the girls down in the basement, put on their bicycle helmets and shoved […]


I woke up a few days ago and checked my paypal account for something that I had sold on Ebay.  When my page opened I literally almost fell OUT of my chair. I discovered that some guy in another country had hacked my paypal account, posed as me and made 40 transactions of 25.00 each […]


This week I chose to feature Tammy’s yellow Drexel desk from Forever Decorating. You guys spit out some amazing projects this week, but what spoke to me in this post was how Tammy has begun teaching her daughter how to be a good steward of her finances as she ventures out into the world on […]


Over the past year, the importance of spending time with my kids has become so much more important to me. Not that is wasn’t before, but when you have looked the death of a child in the face, so up close, and so personal, your perspective changes entirely. This past week I was reminded of […]


Do y’all remember this from way back in November? I was re arranging, trying to make room for my Christmas tree and a love seat and an orange chair made there way into my kitchen. I try and stick mostly to neutrals because they go with everything and they appeal to a wider range of people. These two pieces […]


It’s the new year so I thought I would share a bit about where I want to go. Not to go in a physical sense, but the direction I want to take with my blog and my business. I have only been blogging for 90 days and I have LOVED every single minute of it. […]

Christmas Cookies

I know you guys are probably getting tired of all of my Christmas posts and wonder why in the world I am not spitting out projects. The truth is, I took last week off to get my kids out of school and Christmas shopping wrapped up. I took this week off to enjoy my kids. […]

Christmas Reflections

I am so enjoying the Christmas season, but for me it has flown by way to fast! Office parties and shopping,wrapping gifts and end of the year school parties makes the statement “time flies when your having fun” exactly true. My family has so much to be thankful for this year. For those of you […]


I am so excited about this new adventure with my sweet Momma! I have so many irons in the fire right now but they are all good and God is good! I wanted to take this first post and introduce myself a bit to tell you a little about what this blog will be about. […]