Bella Rustica

I just wanted to share with you again this wonderful event that is taking place this weekend in Pulaski, Tennessee. I have been looking forward to this for months and will be going with two precious people, my mom, and my mother in law, Jane. I am also looking forward to seeing a few of […]


Hello Friends! I am working on putting together the tutorial for this dresser but I wanted to do a few voice overs on the pictures for some extra explaining. However, I have a really bad sinus thing going on, sound horrible and I don’t feel too hot either. I have most of it done, so […]

Restored It Wednesday

Y’all please forgive me for not posting a favorite tonight. My sinus cavity is on fire and I am on the couch glued to this Libyan Embassy stuff. Tragic. This cold or whatever it is hit me like a brick this afternoon and I can barely see straight. I hope you have all had a […]


Sunday afternoons are shaping up to be one of my favorite times of the week! We are loving our new small group at Church of the Highlands at my sweet friend Ashley’s house. I made cookies this afternoon for the group. I love to bake, although I don’t do it very often because I am […]

In Front of the Camera { Earthborn Giveaway Winner}

I am absolutely comfortable BEHIND the camera. I love photography and taking video, editing photos, graphics, ALL of that. But put me in front of a camera and my issues with insecurity come out of the closet! My pictures for the blog needed to be updated and I was not looking forward to having them […]

Earthborn Studio { Cahaba Clay Works} and a GIVEAWAY!

Monday night I had the privilege of meeting several Alabama Bloggers at Earthborn Studio for a pottery class with Cahaba Clay Works. I was invited by Rachel, better known to the blogosphere as Grasping for Objectivity, but I’ve known her since she was a child. If you have never read her blog, you must. She […]

An Update on Summer

Hello friends! Thank you for bombarding the heavenlies for my friend Summer. She had major surgery yesterday to remove lymph nodes, a kidney, her gall bladder, part of her liver and all of the tumors they could find. The surgery was a great success and she was stable the entire time. The doctors said they […]

Restored It Wednesday

Hello Friends! Welcome to Restored It Wednesday, a place to link up your DIY projects and take home a lot of inspiration. Thisweek, this French Settee from The Blissful Bee caught my eye. I would LOVE to have this in my reading room I am doing right now. She is lovely, Amy! So what have […]

When Life Deals the Tragedy Card { a call to action}

When life deals the tragedy card, it has a tendency to leave you frozen in your tracks. I can only explain it this way. It feels like you are standing, frozen, unable to move, while the rest of the world around you is running at a fast pace. When I was sitting outside the children’s […]

Our Family Pet {Meet Bentley,our Chihuahua}

I’m getting my little one ready for school. Her teacher asked her to bring a picture of our family pet and a picture of herself to class for something they are doing for the wall. I realized I have shown you pictures of my entire family but you have never met our Chihuahua, Bentley. This […]

Early Alarm Clock { and a SALE}

I am up early this morning to an early alarm clock! Earlier than normal. It is a little before six am. Apologies to my neighbors if any of you are reading this. It was, and still is, pouring down rain outside and the van’s car alarm kept going off for no reason. Talk about a […]

Tween Craft { spray painted T shirt}

My kids were looking for a last Hoorah deal this week before schools starts. My oldest had a friend over. They both have recently been bitten by the craft bug and like me, are looking for ways to make and sell their crafts. It’s in the blood I guess. I took AK and her friend […]

The Longest Yard Sale { part three}

Most of my time shopping of The Longest Yard sale was spent on Signal Mountain right outside of Chattanooga. I could not travel very far from there because we were going to spend the day on Saturday at the Aquarium. However, I was not disappointed. I found some great stuff as well as a new […]

The Longest Yard Sale { part two}

I have been processing this weekend all day. I don’t think I can put into words properly how I feel. I am warning you now, this is a long post, but it is good! This weekend was totally unexpected and one of the most memorable weekends I have ever had. It all started last week […]

The Longest Yard Sale { part one}

Hello my friends! I hope some of you were able to follow me today on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter as the fam and I set out to enjoy the Longest Yard Sale {127 sale} in the rolling hills of Tennessee. It took us all day to travel only about two hours north of Chattanooga. I […]

yard sales { how to be successful as a buyer at a yard sale}

Somehow, I found myself diving into a thrifting series. I started with how to shop a thrift store. It just sort of happened as a response to questions from a few readers as well as the fact that my Crackle Tex video has been put on hold for a little bit at the request of […]


I have realized that I cannot blog at night. Is it age? Gosh I hope not. By the time I get everyone settled and I do the things I need to do like run the dishwasher etc, I am zonked and have no brain activity left. I tried so hard to squeeze out my post […]

How To Thrift Store Shop { 3 tips for success}

It is no secret, I love the thrift store. To some degree, it is an addiction! I love the thrill of the hunt. For a lot of you, this is something you already know how to do well, but some of you have shared with me that you are just getting started and are trying […]

french dresser { before and after} & {a heat wave}

This American, privileged, Bama girl will try, really, really hard, not to EVER take for granted the luxury of having a working air conditioner. Ours went out last night. By 10 am this morning my house was well into the upper 90’s possibly even 100’s. My thermostat couldn’t even read it. My kids were walking […]


Hello Friends!! Welcome to Restored It Wednesday #88! Here is what caught my eye this week. Woven Home created this amazing little nook with a bench in an entry way closet. I love everything about this. I love the ingenuity, the color palette, EVERYTHING! Isn’t it great? Please go by and check out Kandi’s blog […]


  I have had the privilege of getting to know a fellow Bama girl who now lives in Bellevue, Washington with her precious family. Kennesha so sweetly sponsored my blog this month and I thought I would give her a huge thank you shout out and introduce you to her blog. She is one talented […]


I have had a really great week gathering new vintage finds for my booth at Homewood Antiques and Marketplace. I am trying to get my space ready for the big Red Balloon Sale that will be happening this Saturday. I’ve been struggling getting work done over the past two weeks while I have been working […]

Vintage Horse Hair Brush {waxing video}

  If you have ever waxed a piece of furniture before, most likely you have noticed as you rub your hands across it, it still has a “sticky” feeling. Those with serious arm muscles may be able to buff that out, but if you are like me, lacking in the “buff” department, you may have […]

French Dining Chairs

“Don’t Look for anything at anytime but look for everything at all times.” – Mr. Goodwill Hunting This was my very favorite take away quote from hearing Rashon Carraway give his take on thrifting at the Haven conference. It is so very true. When you are thrifting looking for something specific, you never find it. […]


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