Market Monday- Mini Farming- My idea folder

I think I just about have my farm house built in my head. You have to dream right? I’m still so far out from having my house done to sell but my goodness, I sure have accumulated a lot of thoughts and ideas for where I want to go. I found this House on Pinterest… […]


I had plans to turn my dining room into a home school room but since we are in more of a hurry to sell our house, staging my dining room seemed like a better idea.  I thought I would just use my collections to make it look pretty. I used all of the things I […]

FAVORITE FINDS OF THE WEEK { my estate sale goodies}

Today was fun! I have not been to an estate sale in a long time. I think I’m in farmhouse mode because everything I went for today had that feel and I don’t want to get rid of anything I bought! I came away with a crusty old vintage scale, some vintage flash cards and […]


Yesterday during my milk paint demo at Vintage Interiors, we created a DIY tray out of a cabinet door. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I created a DIY tray out of a cabinet door. You can see that post here. I still had one left over. They were cabinet doors that […]


I had a lot of fun this afternoon with the staff at Vintage Interiors. We are gearing up for a whole lot of fun. We did a Milk Paint Demo and scheduled our first classes. I am so excited to be teaching painting classes starting in March. The first two will be Milk Paint 101. […]


Y’all know I love a good thrift store score. I found a box thingy… I know thingy isn’t a real word, I just really don’t know what kind of box it is. I do know it has a really cool patina, and 4 awesome little dividers. I got it for a buck! At the same […]


I’m running a little bit behind on Market Monday. We had no internet for two days. I have some cool stuff to share and I want to introduce to you my friend’s new blog, but I was cross eyed last night and it is going to take some time to get it together. So, that […]

Back to the Grindstone

Phew!!! I feel like I have been on vacation for weeks! Oh wait…..I have!! I have to say I wasn’t ready to see my big baby go back to school today and I am certain she wasn’t ready either. I have so enjoyed my them over the past 4 weeks. With that being said I […]

B- METRO MAGAZINE {Home for the Holiday}

Well, we are finally home from our magic bubble, that is Disney, and back into the real world! That place really is magic when you are there. Nothing else really mattered for the whole week except for loving on our kiddos and each other. I think we were all bummed to have to come home! […]

Taxidermy , a Privet Bush and Restored It Wednesday Surprise

Look away all of you hunter haters, I pulled out one of my dad’s deer heads  this week for fall and Christmas decor.  Don’t worry, it’s not just for sport, we actually like the meat. If he gets a deer we ALWAYS have it processed and eat it, all of it. I love venison chili! […]

Faux Zinc Finish { zinc top coffee table}

One of the biggest pieces of furniture that I felt that we were missing in our family room was a coffee table. I recently bought one from a friend for 30.00. I loved the size, I loved the shape and it resembled a coffee table that I found online at Pottery Barn with a light […]

Painted French Dresser

I finally finished my painted french dresser, the one that I have been using to create a video to explain how to use crackle tex, my product obsession right now. I thought I would show you pictures tonight because it is eleven o’clock and I am so ready to put my head on my pillow. […]


Happy Mothers Day to all of you moms! I have had such a wonderful weekend. We prepped our house for a big Mothers Day Mexican fiesta at my home last night. All of my sisters and brother in laws, my in laws and parents came over to celebrate with us. My girls surprised me with […]


I am and always have been infatuated with lamps. I love the ambiance and the warm and inviting feel that they bring to a room. I also have really high end taste when it comes to lamps but am definitely not willing to fork out the high end cash, nor do I have it. There […]


The weather here is totally weird. We reached record highs today in the 80’s when it should really still be in the 60’s. Pollen is EVERYWHERE. The sky is yellow, my car is yellow, my deck is yellow, my front porch is yellow….and this afternoon, my pants were yellow from sitting in the grass with […]


I have been working on some pillows to go in my family room. I am still scouting out some fabric with a little color to go on the sofa. I love the neutrals but I need a little zing, hence the zebra:)    I fell in love with these zebra pillow that are linen and […]


There is nothing like a little blood and guts on Halloween….right? You are probably thinking I am CRAZY about right now. Why is she showing me pictures of bird guts?  My sweet husband went pheasant hunting with his dad last weekend in South Dakota. Before he left, I asked him to please bring me back […]


I went to my first auction tonight, hauling my husband and both kids with me. It’s 11:23 PM and we are just getting home. We had a load of fun and I’ll share it with you in a later post. I’ve been working on furniture for the new space. Here is a little sneak of […]


I have a serious thing for lamps. I love how they make a room feel cozy and inviting.  I think my favorite thing about a lamp makeover is that they are quick and easy and  give a an instant gratification. Even re wiring a lamp is easy. Don’t pass up a good lamp body if […]


The layers in my family room are really starting to come together. It’s amazing the warmth that is radiated from a room just by adding curtains, a rug and a few accessories. I don’t want too much out anymore. The older I get, the simpler I want my living space to be. My homes have […]


I have a new friend. Someone who just bubbles over with sweetness and it radiates  through her words. Although I have never met her in person and she lives in New York and I live in Alabama,  I just know that she is someone I would want to hang out with!  Jami from the Freckled Laundry creates the […]


Night and DAY! Baby girl looks like a new little girl this morning. She looks like herself. Her coloring is back in her face, the dark circles are dissipating and she feels so much better. Thank you all so much for your prayers, your sweet notes and your comments. I am so blessed that I […]


At Christmas I painted these frames with a chocolate brown paint, then white washed and embellished them with silk ribbon and a vintage button. Well….only one of them sold, so after Christmas, I brought them home. They sat downstairs for months. A few weeks ago, I found this sweet elderly lady who has been making some […]


I know, I know, I know….these are totally over done in the blogesphere but I have been wanting to make these for my black cabinet in my kitchen since I saw them. Remember when I told you about the lady down the street throwing all of the good, donatable stuff in the trash? You can read that […]


I have no great inspiration for you today. I have been running all day being a mom…my first and favorite and number one job. I fixed lunches, got the oldest out the door, fixed a printer for a literature project, played webkinz, painted on a child’s easel,stomped in water puddles, went out to lunch with the hubs, picked […]