Yesterday during my milk paint demo at Vintage Interiors, we created a DIY tray out of a cabinet door. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I created a DIY tray out of a cabinet door. You can see that post here. I still had one left over. They were cabinet doors that […]


I had a lot of fun this afternoon with the staff at Vintage Interiors. We are gearing up for a whole lot of fun. We did a Milk Paint Demo and scheduled our first classes. I am so excited to be teaching painting classes starting in March. The first two will be Milk Paint 101. […]


I’m running a little bit behind on Market Monday. We had no internet for two days. I have some cool stuff to share and I want to introduce to you my friend’s new blog, but I was cross eyed last night and it is going to take some time to get it together. So, that […]


I’ve spent several days over at my friend Stacey’s house helping her over haul her dining room before our church starts spring small groups. She is wonder woman, hosting 3 at a time. Stacey’s dining room was crowded and her furniture was speckled 1970’s pecan. The varnish was worn in several places too. The last […]

Crackle Textured Finish Using School Glue {Video Tutorial}

Last week I showed you this Ethan Allen Dresser Makeover. I told you that I had a secret ingredient and some of you guessed it, school glue. Can you believe it??!! I know there are a lot of tutorials out there showing you how to crackle with school glue, but this is a tiny bit […]

Ethan Allen Early American Dresser

A few weekends ago I came across this beautiful, Ethan Allen Early American Dresser. It was in pristine condition, solid maple wood and heavy as lead, but it was a little dated. I used Chalk Paint and a secret ingredient that I will share with you on Thursday when I offer you the full tutorial. […]

Faux Zinc Finish { zinc top coffee table}

One of the biggest pieces of furniture that I felt that we were missing in our family room was a coffee table. I recently bought one from a friend for 30.00. I loved the size, I loved the shape and it resembled a coffee table that I found online at Pottery Barn with a light […]

DIY Headboard Idea { and a great big THANK YOU}

First of all, I just have to say, you guys ROCK!! You all blew my socks off at the outpouring of love for my sweet friend Summer and for Donna’s niece Cindy. Thank you. I love this niche of DIY’ers. We are family, and I love that when we face adversity, we stand with each […]

Painted French Dresser

I finally finished my painted french dresser, the one that I have been using to create a video to explain how to use crackle tex, my product obsession right now. I thought I would show you pictures tonight because it is eleven o’clock and I am so ready to put my head on my pillow. […]


I had a lot of fun with this piece. I fell in love with its petite, feminine shape when I saw it on craigslist. I was able to get this piece along with its matching night stand and dresser. I played around with layering again using not only annie sloan chalk paint but with craft […]


Thank you all so much for your prayers for my friend Summer. They are cherished more than you know. When I receive updates from her I will make sure to pass them along. Yesterday was the last official day of school and today was a GREAT day. Although I never found my phone, I was […]


Like most of you, we are preparing for the last week of school. This week was my littlest baby girls last week of preschool and my oldest gets out next week. We have had parties and tests and projects and I have had little time to paint. I have 3 dressers, some mirrors, more lamps […]


I am hosting Thanksgiving breakfast at my house for my family. We love to watch the parade, but after it’s over, we have to head out to visit three sets of parents. It gets a little crazy. I wanted the girls to wake up to a beautiful dining room with breakfast casserole, blueberry muffins, sausage […]


A few weeks ago, I bought this chest at an Estate Sale. It is a great piece of furniture but had been beat up pretty bad. The drawers functioned very well, they were all clean and the hardware was all in tact. The finish was just really bad and it had scratches all over it. […]


Things never stay in the same place for long in my house. I am constantly moving things around. I just enjoy the change and the chance to fluff a new spot. This is the area that I decorated for the Miss Mustard Seed Challenge. I kept it this way for a long time and then decided […]


I painted today at Miss Jenny’s, in her sweet daughter’s room.They wanted a vintage feel with a modern twist. We worked together to come up with a custom color to match her new room perfectly. Oh..this before picture is just awful. My flash was broken and I was shooting with my D70 that did not […]


I’ve been experimenting with different mediums in my painting to try and get some different textured patterns. The chalk paint makes a great texture in itself, especially if you apply it in a cross hatching motion. I was reading a few weeks ago in one of Annie Sloan’s books from the early nineties. She had […]


I can never resist these little pieces when I see them. I found this one on craigslist a few weeks back. It belonged to a sweet girl named Margaret. I had arranged to go and get it when we had a serious plumbing issue and I had to dip into my business furniture fund. Thankfully […]


When I was a little girl, one of my favorite things that I owned was my child’s table and chairs that was also my mother’s as a child. I have so many memories of my friend Ginger and I, pretending we owned a restaurant or sitting down and serving each other tea. I bought a […]


My new camera equipment came on Tuesday. She and I are having a hard time getting acquainted but I know that as soon as I figure out her personality, we are going to get along just fine. This camera does so much more than my beginner camera and I want to take advantage of all […]


I can’t pull a favorite from last week, because it wouldn’t be fair. Although, you guys have linked up some amazing chalk paint projects! I am impressed!  If you are just joining us, my friend Stacey who owns Faux Studio Designs, is hosting a chalkpaint contest on my blog. You can find all the details […]


I have a serious thing for lamps. I love how they make a room feel cozy and inviting.  I think my favorite thing about a lamp makeover is that they are quick and easy and  give a an instant gratification. Even re wiring a lamp is easy. Don’t pass up a good lamp body if […]


I finished up at my friend Doran’s house this morning. Her daughter’s furniture turned out SO well. I love the colors they picked out for the room. Doran is on our local radio, here in Birmingham, as the Savvy Mom. She discusses topics that concern the family, thoughts on saving, and making your budget stretch a little further. Ya’ll, […]


You may remember this buffet my mom bought at a yard sale for 80 bucks. It’s an old Hepplewhite and was in great condition. The previous owner however had painted it a flat dark gray and there was a lot of wear on the paint. I also decided it needed to be lightened up for […]


Oh boy, what a day! I started out the day at Stacey’s studio to get a few supplies for my projects I am doing at Doran’s house. Stacey just got back from a really cool event where she met the one and only Annie Sloan. I LOVED hearing all about it. And guess what? New […]